Wilmington Oakdale Cemetery


The Friends of Oakdale Cemetery near Wilmington NC was founded in 2005 to support the 150th anniversary of its opening. The non-profit organization is committed to preserving and promoting historical character at Oakdale cemetery, but it does not have enough funding or resources for these purposes.

In order to accomplish its mission, the Friends of Oakdale Cemetery Inc. fundraises and seeks volunteer services while preparing educational materials that highlight historical, architectural, and cultural importance in Oakdale Cemetery; it also provides tour guides, so the cemetery is available for public education use.

The beauty of Oakdale Cemetery, located at 520 N 15th St, Wilmington, NC 28401-3817, lies in its contrast between ornate inscriptions, stained glass, and massive mausolea on the one hand; with simpler monuments and markers that tell a story about a city. The cemetery is full of finely crafted sculptures that alternate alongside towering flora.

The founders of Oakdale Cemetery bought 65 acres outside the town to create a space for loved ones. Due to its location at that time, it was one of the first rural cemeteries in North Carolina and fit well with other such places designed during this period across America.

Oakdale Cemetery is an oasis of beauty in the heart of the city. The cemetery has converted large tracts into beautiful garden settings because they were part of a movement that swept across America during the mid-nineteenth century. Families purchased lots and mixed ornamental plants with native vegetation to make it one of its most vibrant spots all year round but especially so in spring when there are blooming flowers everywhere you go.

In 1852, prominent Wilmington businessmen purchased 65 acres for a new cemetery to be located beyond the town limits. The name of this rural area became Oakdale, and it was North Carolina’s first one of its kind. Annie DeRosset had been laid in her final resting place here on February 5th,1855–the daughter of Dr. Armand John DeRosset, who served as president of the cemetery at that time.

Oakdale Cemetery contains the graves of movers and shakers in Wilmington, NC. The tombstones are intricately decorated with epitaphs that tell stories about those who lie beneath them; they come alive for people walking by at all times of day or night. Amongst these early citizens is a large amount veterans from each war fought within the US as well as politicians, mayors, congressmen, architects, writers, developers, merchants, planters, fraternal order members, insurance men exporters, immigrants victims, yellow fever epidemics wives, mothers, infants, children, and female Confederate spy.

At Oakdale Cemetery, the Board of Directors oversees development plans and future planning for land. They also hold burials at this active cemetery that sells lots to customers.

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