Sea Turtle Camp Wilmington NC

At Sea Turtle Camp, located at 7213 Ogden Business Ln Suite 214, Wilmington, NC 28411-7456, they believe that the only way to learn about and fall in love with the ocean is through immersion. Their mission is to cultivate a sense of safety while building confidence and developing character among their campers so that they are inspired to make coastal conservation an important part of their lives.

The Sea Turtle Foundation believes one person can make a difference. This is why they created Camp Wild to give young people access to environmental education and experiences in partnership with scientists, conservationists, volunteers – anyone who has something important or interesting about their work on sea turtles that they want our kids to know.

Their goal is to teach young adults how to mold their passion into a hard-working team of individuals that can recognize problems and work towards solving them. They want campers to see the rewards of giving back, both through volunteer service and potentially impacting career paths. Through grassroots efforts they strive to show their campers many different possibilities at a time in life when they have multiple potential roads ahead of them.

The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to caring for the oceans that they all take advantage of. Volunteers give their time out of passion, but many people don’t realize how much they need help in this crucial moment.

The Sea Turtle Camp team is a group of professionals who are experts in Marine Science and coastal ecosystems. They also bring with their broad range of skill sets, including knowledge about marine biology. The counselors love the study of this field so much that they can’t wait to share their excitement with others during camp.

The employment application process for Sea Turtle Camp is long and difficult. It involves three rounds of intense interviews, a comprehensive background check, along with American Red Cross certification in Lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid. The counselors must also attend mandatory staff orientation before the start of each season to be on their elite team that they are extremely proud about providing employment opportunities at summer camps as one of its greatest chances available among them all.

Sea Turtle Camp’s mission to empower youth in environmental conservation through education is shared by the team. The campers are conscious of their role on Earth, and they educate themselves about living a lifestyle that fits with this purpose. They share the Camp’s values when it comes to exploring new ways for us all to help protect nature together as well.

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