Ironclad Brewery


Ironclad Brewery has revived a once-abandoned 1925 historic building near Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s an exciting place to visit with its vibrant atmosphere and delicious food and drinks. The interior brick walls and roof of the building have been kept intact. The 2nd story wood flooring that was installed in the mid-twentieth century when it operated as a car dealership has been removed, repurposed throughout the brewery to create a large balcony overlooking the 1st floor.

While there, you can try their wide selection of craft beers and hard seltzers. They use the best ingredients available to hand-forge a range of styles from around the world. Visit their Events tab if you want to reserve it for your wedding or company function.

Ironclad Brewery is a unique venue that can be reserved for both private and public events. Ironclad Brewery not only serves up stunning craft beer but also features a cozy venue that can be reserved for both private and public events. Their brewery has been the perfect backdrop for hundreds of events since 2015, including weddings, charity events, corporate functions and social celebrations.

The Brewery has two floors and over 10,000 square feet of space. Each floor features a large bar with seating for customers to enjoy their drinks on each level. There are tables and chairs in the brewery as well where guests can sit down while enjoying beer from their collection or wine if they prefer it instead. The public parking deck is directly across the street so you don’t have any worries about having to find somewhere else to park your car before heading here – they gotcha covered. Their bartenders will provide all of your glassware needs too; so there’s nothing left for you but come try out some Craft Beer & Cider today.

Since Ironclad Brewery is a unique and versatile event space. The brewery can be booked for parties, events or any other purpose as long as you consult our Event Coordinator first.  All bookings are on a First Come-First Serve basis but if you want to secure the date then there’s an additional booking fee with some minimum spend requirements at the bar when it comes to private events.

After your event, you can walk back to the Courtyard by Marriott Wilmington Downtown/Historic District on 229 North 2nd Street. Instead of driving and parking downtown ask for Ironclad Brewery Event rates when booking a room at this hotel.

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