Bryter Restoration understands that water and fire damage can be a very emotional and overwhelming time for anyone. Once your family and loved ones are safe from danger, you may be wondering whether to tackle the restoration process yourself. 

It’s essential to act quickly and seek out the help of professionals to prevent further damage to your property.  These restoration jobs are better suited for experienced technicians, as trying to handle the aftermath alone can be difficult.


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Why is it crucial to work with a professional?

Safety: After water or fire damage occurs, it’s unsafe to go back inside your property. Even if the outside appears fine, you should call experts to assess safety before entering the property.

Water: In the case of a fire, you may also have water damage to deal with once firefighters leave. Your home or building will need to be dried entirely and quickly, or mold and mildew can soon take growth.

Soot: Specifically, after fire damage, the soot left behind may cause severe health problems if ingested. A professional can help evaluate the soot situation inside your property before reentry.

When should I call a professional?

Homeowners can detect water damage pretty quickly in most cases. A burst pipe or basement flood will be noticeable right away, for example. But, sometimes water damage can come from a slow leaking appliance pipe that’s tucked away or a roof leak that’s out of sight. 

The damage water may cause isn’t always so obvious and can happen behind walls or under baseboards. In this case, there are signs you can look out for that can help you detect if you do have water damage:

Mold infestation: Sometimes, mold can be pretty visible, but it can also be hidden behind drywall or other difficult-to-reach places. Mold needs moisture to grow and is a telling sign that water damage has taken place.

Cracking or bubbling paint: The surface of your wall may change if there’s a leak behind it. If you notice blisters and bubbles under paint or wallpaper, it may have been exposed to excess water.

Warped or shifting floors: Laminate or wood floor can bend or buckle if water builds up underneath it. When it comes to tiled floors, grouted tiles may become loose or shift position.

Puddles are forming: If a pool of water magically appears, be sure to keep an eye on it after cleaning it up. If the puddle returns, it may indicate that something is leaking.

You can hear dripping or odd sounds: If you can hear dripping or running water, chances are you may have a leak. If a sound is out of the ordinary, that may be a sign of a leak.

Discolored walls: If you see brown streaks have formed down the sides of your exterior, this can sometimes be a sign of an overflowing gutter or your roof not draining correctly.

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In the aftermath of water or fire damage, it’s important to quickly get in touch with restoration professionals to help get your life back to normal.

You can trust Bryter Restoration to mitigate and restore residential water damage and commercial water damage. Our team knows how to assess and identify the sources of the damage properly and guide you through the cleanup and restoration process.

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