Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington NC

In October 1961, the Battleship North Carolina Memorial was opened to the public as an authentically restored World War II battleship and a museum in the city of Wilmington, NC. The memorial honors those who gave their lives in service of this country during WWII, including 11,000 individuals from all branches of defense.

Visitors will enjoy exploring the 9 levels of this historic battleship. They can relax in mess decks, play with the guns, and even take a nap! Charlie is an alligator living on board; visitors might spot him first from the bow.

The Battleship has an extensive collection of original materials, including World War II weaponry and authentic uniforms. The museum is also home to a fully restored battleship that helps us maintain the authenticity of our programming by remaining true to history as well as maintaining its technical accuracy.

The collections include artifacts, blueprints, photographs, and reports that are primary materials; they provide a first-hand account of their topic from people who had direct connections with it. These records may be used for restoration or to create programming, and there have been over 30k created so far.

The Battleship’s photo, paper, and book archives are primarily a research source for historic information about the Battle of NORTH CAROLINA (BB-55).  The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA (BB-55) doesn’t house any military records. It is the U.S National Archives and Records Administration that holds all official documents about battleships across America during wartime periods, such as WWII or Vietnam War, etc.

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is moored in quiet dignity and majesty across the river from downtown Wilmington. Visitors are beckoned to walk her decks, envisioning daily life on board as well as fierce combat that she faced during World War II.

The tour through North Carolina tells you about all of these men and their stories. There are 2,300 crew members on this ship, with each one having an important story to be told.

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA always has an event for you to attend. Check out all the events on their website or explore some of the links below. The events include behind-the-scenes tours, in-depth programs into how they worked, and more.

The battleship is open to the public with no reservations required, so come check it out daily. They do have a variety of scheduled programs that are available as well, including reenactments, fireworks displays, and much more. Come join them today at one (or all) of these fun events happening soon.


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